Water Cellar for Mothers

Wanchai Ferry "Water Cellar for Mothers" Project: Supporting Sustainable Development in Shanxi

Historical records have shown that due to natural causes, arid regions in Western China, especially Gansu, Ningxia and the northern part of Shanxi are the areas burdened with the greatest shortages of water.

Extreme shortage of water contributes to general poverty and challenges to education in these areas.

In 2008, General Mills donated $39,500 to the China Women’s Development Foundation for its "Land of Love – Water Cellars for Mothers" project to construct 312 water cellars in Wupu County, north of Shanxi Province.

Construction for the water cellars and supporting facilities was completed in October 2008. Tremendous changes have taken place since then.

With a water supply, local villagers can now make a living and lead a better life through vegetable and fruit growing, livestock farming and migrant working.

However, among more than 200 villages in Wupu County, only 20 percent of households have water cellars now.

In 2009, General Mills donateed another $75,000 to support this project and generate sustainable development in Western China.