Wanchai Ferry

In 1978, Madam Chong created the Wanchai Ferry brand in Hong Kong.

With an unwavering dedication to quality over the years, it has become the leading dumpling brand, with Madam Chong known as the "Queen of Dumpling."

General Mills acquired Wanchai Ferry in 1997 and took the dumplings to consumers in mainland and Taiwan. Since 2002, Wanchai Ferry has dominated the frozen dumpling category in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou.*

In the cities where Wanchai Ferry products are available, consumers know them for their taste and outstanding quality. Just a year ago, Wanchai Ferry launched in Europe and the United States as convenient meal kits.

Wanchai Ferry offers more than 100 products in four categories: dumpling, wonton, tangyuan (sticky rice dumpling) and dim sum.

With General Mills' world-leading frozen dough technology that can lock in nutrients, Wanchai Ferry is changing lifestyles. For the modern urban dwellers, it provides a meal solution that brings together great taste, nutrition and convenience.

* Source: AC Nielsen